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S Rating & Risikosysteme GmbH

Personalize your

digital store

Product recommendations, ordering search result pages to point in time checkout communication: Let goodmoves holistically optimize your ARPU to create an end-to-end personal experience.

Personalize your

customer engagement

Engaged customers are loyal customers.
Let goodmoves personalize your offering and communication initiatives, autonomously identify new, relevant segments and proactively suggest actions for customers at risk of churning.

Personalize your

customer retention

From your sign up funnel to push notifications: Let goodmoves personalize relevant content, offers and user activation, proactively optimizing for high customer retention and satisfaction.

Drive outcomes without driving complexity

Simple & Fast

Personalize in days.
Focus on business outcomes instead of granular, static rules.

Transparent & Measurable

goodmoves provides detailed reporting on learned strategies and uplift generated.
You are always in the know.

Continuous & Proactive

goodmoves continuously adapts to customer behavior and also suggests best customers for new interactions.

"We are happy to have found a solution in goodmoves that adapts quickly and autonomously to changing customer wishes. Especially in times of a pandemic.”
Sven Schaltenbrand
Head of Data Analytics, S Rating & Risikosysteme GmbH
"We were convinced by the
almost infinite personalization possibilities”
Michael Munder
E-Commerce Lead, porta Möbel GmbH & Co.KG
"I was impressed by how visionary goodmoves is in comparison to the other tools I know."
Christian Besser
Thüga Competence-Team Sales & Marketing

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